Grantex specializes in friction materials and manufactures products for light and heavy duty commercial vehicles, for mining machinery, heavy industrial and maritime use.

The raw materials in combination with the new technologies, production processes and continuous controls and tests, guarantee the company’s products top quality, safety, durability, long life and high performance.

Furthermore, they are suitable for vehicles performing both urban and international routes, although the quality of the roads and the terrain altitude or nature, are not the same everywhere.

Grantex products are designed and built to fully respond to difficult weather conditions such as snow, rain and extreme heat.



Grantex has a wide and modern range of brake pads, covering all available vehicle models to the maximum. Thanks to the high quality raw materials, the use of the latest machinery and the ECE R90 certification, Grantex can guarantee long lasting products, reduced wear, top-level performance and excellent value for money.


Our brake linings cover the needs of all kinds of heavy duty vehicles and can meet all standards in order to provide the right product, for all vehicles and conditions of use. We also have the possibility to manufacture brake linings out of the main production line, smaller or larger in size, in order to meet even the most customized requirements.


We constantly enrich our range of products and thanks to our flexibility, we can design and manufacture friction materials with special technical specifications for off-road equipment as well as for industrial and marine use.