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Perfect Sign Auto Spare parts is a new start up company in the automotive industry.

We have a workforce having more than 35 years of experience and knowledge about the industry. Our USP is an simple formula, Quality Products in reasonable price. We not only distributes products, we distribute excellence. We are dealing with a wide range of products to satisfy our customers.

We are working towards achieving a common goal that is to be one of the leading spare parts distributors in the country.With the maximum number of satisfied customers.


BBP offers its partners to minimize their operational, freight costs and quality risks as supply all of their needs such as heavy duty truck spare parts from one place instead of lots of suppliers for each requirement.


We offer a great variety of products which addresses your needs in all products of trucks, trailers and buses. You can find your needs in our big range that includes more than 20.000 parts


BBP is working with manufacturers which specialists in their field and quality based. All products that we supply are quality controlled and have warranty.


We always try to provide competitive prices all our customers, without minimum order quantity of order whether one or more.


We Delivery all around Nigeria right on time .
Our team can organize all shipping processes for you.


With more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing spare parts, we can offer a full range of accessories for trucks, trailers, vans and buses.
All spare parts are of top quality and go through continuous controls based on the company’s specialized quality system.
BBP provides spare parts that cover the air brake system, suspensions, axle parts as well as mechanical parts. We also provide equipment for workshops, which allow professionals to work more efficiently with the spare parts and offer more effective services.



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To survive and grow in harmony with our values by creating superior and sustainable Economic Value for the prosperity of our people and of society.



The quality, the creativity, the energy and the motivation of the Company’s people are the main determinants its success. People naturally seek success especially the success they earn. The variety of people is a blessing to be treasured.
It is only with mutual respect, trust and loyalty that anything lasting can be achieved. When people receive them, they return them generously.


We always keep our promises to our customers, our creditors, our associates. For this reason we are careful in promising because if we do, we will fulfil our promise even if we have to suffer losses. We value sincerity.


We try to be champions in everything we do. Our people are the best of their kind, not just good enough. We never relax, we work hard in search of innovation and progress everywhere and always.
We believe that championships are won and retained not with momentary exertions, but with continuous, systematic and disciplined improvement.


We achieve rich results with simple means. Just as nature creates the great variety of species out of only 118 elements, we seek to achieve extraordinary results with few, frugal and simple resources.


We believe in continuous progress, based on sound foundations, which is achieved with many small, trial steps, not with risky leaps.

On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized by the charms of pleasure of the moment.


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With solid infrastructure, excellent know-how, respect for the people and the environment and an urge to continuously evolve, we pay careful attention to all our fields of operation and we work hard to make Grantex synonymous with safety. We want to be customers’ first choice by offering competitive products of high quality that fully meet even the most particular needs and requirements.


Providing security is not easy. It is of utmost importance and it requires soberness, consistency, responsibility and reliability. Considering the great responsibility that it bears, B.B.P meets all the requirements and has created the appropriate conditions in order to guarantee safety. And this, is our mission.


Our Services & Products

Varta are a manufacturer of lead acid batteries based in Ellwangen, Germany. Being one of the world's oldest manufacturers of lead acid batteries, the company was founded in 1887 and famously supplied the Luftwaffe with batteries for submarines during World War II.

Varta Blue Dynamic


Varta Car Batteries

The mid-range is the Varta Blue Dynamic and this matches the OEM specification as closely as possible. The Varta Blue Dynamic range has a four year warranty for extra protection.

VARTA Blue Dynamic offers extra starting power and provides consistently high performance for longer periods of time. Thanks to the highest European engineering standards you´ll get the best quality.

Varta Silver ProMotive


VARTA Commercial Vehicle Batteries

Being the largest lead acid battery manufacturer in the world, Varta know a thing or two about producing this type of battery.

This experience shines through in the quality of these batteries.

Varta’s commercial batteries can be used as truck batteries, bus batteries, coach batteries, lorry batteries, tractor batteries, JCB batteries, Caterpillar batteries and more!

VARTA Commercial Vehicle Batteries

Varta have four ranges of commercial batteries that between them cover several applications including

Trucks, Delivery Vehicles, Agricultural Vehicles, Construction Vehicles, Coaches and Buses and Municipal Vehicles .

Varta Black ProMotive

Varta Black are best suited to older vehicles that don’t have a very high power demand such as smaller tractors and minibuses. They still benefit from Varta’s outstanding hybrid technology that provides excellent reliability.

Varta Blue ProMotive

Varta Blue are extremely versatile and cover a huge amount of applications including HGVs, Agricultural Vehicles, Municipal Vehicles and more. They are high performance batteries with 100% spill protection thanks to Labyrinth lid technology.

Varta Silver ProMotive

Varta Silver are outstanding, high performance commercial batteries that are perfect for for applications that have additional equipment to power such as fire engines, coaches and new HGVs. They are extremely robust, exceeding ‘Super Heavy Duty’ requirements and are also very safe.

Varta ProMotive EFB

ProMotive EFB is the ultimate commercial battery with unrivalled performance and reliability. They are 100% maintenance free and are extremely resistant to vibrations. They are manufactured in Germany to the highest possible standards

Since 2002, Varta has been owned by Johnson Controls Inc. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Under their ownership they have grown to the point that they are now the largest manufacturer of lead acid batteries in the world.

Grantex specializes in friction materials and manufactures products for light and heavy duty commercial vehicles.

Grantex has an updated range of spare parts for the air brake system. Components such as air valves, EBS – ABS – ECAS, bellows, valve sets, etc. fully cover all types of trucks, buses, vans and trailers.


A wide variety of high quality spare parts specifically for axles, has been added to our already rich product catalogue. We offer numerous axle parts, such as brake discs, brake drums, wheel hubs, calipers, caliper kits, camshafts, adjusters, etc. for all well known models, in order to meet our customers’ demands to the maximum.


Grantex has developed such a wide range of spare parts for the suspension system, that can offer comprehensive solutions with a full range of accessories, such as air suspensions, shock absorbers, cabin shock absorbers, etc. – suitable for all types of vehicles.


We provide a rich list of mechanical parts for all major brands of vehicles to fully cope with the needs of our customers. Compressors, clutch servos, steering pumps, canopy jacks are some of the products included in our updated catalogue


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Grantex specializes in friction materials and manufactures products for light and heavy duty commercial vehicles, for mining machinery, heavy industrial and maritime use. The raw materials in combination with the new technologies, production processes and continuous controls and tests, guarantee the company’s products top quality, safety, durability, long life and high performance.

Furthermore, they are suitable for vehicles performing both urban and international routes, although the quality of the roads and the terrain altitude or nature, are not the same everywhere. Grantex products are designed and built to fully respond to difficult weather conditions such as snow, rain and extreme heat.

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