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Society Where There is

Unlike culture, which encompasses the tangible and intangible things of a people group, society is defined as a group of people who occupy a particular territory and who share a culture.
Stating it simply, we would say that a society is a people of a culture. Whereas culture is what makes them them, society is, for lack of a better way of saying it, the actual them.
It's the people living and interacting with one another in order to create a culture. It's people bonded together by their shared beliefs, attitudes, languages, and institutions; in other words, by their culture.

01. Culture

A spare parts stocking strategy is still a somewhat mysterious and misunderstood process, yet it does not have to be. Following the simple process described in this article will allow any organization to minimize the risk to the business of not having the right spares, while simultaneously minimizing the capital invested in spares. It can be taken even further by working closely with parts suppliers, OEMs and repair shops, and designing a comprehensive program that would include their involvement and cooperation


02. Client’s Satisfaction

Core purpose is to help clients succeed in business, so it is essential to listen to our clients and hear what their needs and demands are.

MUST DO: Followed Points in improvements of Client satisfaction

  • Working methods, management and efficiency.
  • Personal contacts, spending time with the client, proactivity pricing, cost-control and transparency.

Meet Our Brand New

There are five key stages in the lifecycle of any product or service.

Development - at this point your product or service is only an idea. You're investing heavily in research and development.

Introduction - you launch your product or service. You're spending heavily on marketing.

Growth - your product or service is establishing itself. You have few competitors, sales are growing and profit margins are good. Now's the time to work out how you can reduce the costs of delivering the new product.

Maturity - sales growth is slowing or has even stopped. You've been able to reduce production and marketing costs, but increased competition has driven down prices. Now is likely to be the best time to invest in a new product.

Decline - new and improved products or services are on the market and competition is high. Sales fall and profit margins decline. Increased marketing will have little impact on sales and won't be cost-effective unless new markets are identified.

Manage the lifecycle

Identifying where products or services are in their lifecycle is central to your profitability. Effective research into your markets and competitors will help you do this. See our guide on how to understand your competitors.

You can extend the lifecycle of a product or service by investing in an "extension strategy". You could:

increase your promotional spending
introduce minor innovations - perhaps by adding extra features or updating the design
seek new markets
But ultimately this only delays a product or service's decline.

Ideally, you should always have new products or services to introduce as others decline so that at least one part of your range is showing a sales peak.

Some Reasons to Work

We Believe in Best Quality

We Believe In Giving Only The Best To Our Clients And Never Compromise On Quality Of Our Products And Services

We Believe in Good Relation

Believing in your relationship, and believing that you will help each other deal with whatever life hands you, is a great way to make your love life better. ... Good relationships are hard work. You need to appreciate that not every day or every interaction is going to be a good one.

We Believe in Abilities

Strategic purchaser, spare parts
We believe you are in the beginning of your career and want to continue your development together with us. We believe you have an education within logistics and/ or purchasing and a drive to make business where good service and customer focus is prioritized. In this role as a purchaser you will be a member of a small team where you will be an important member. We cross collaborate with other departments both internal and external.

End to end, technology driven,
parts supply chain solutions that
optimizes inventory and improves service levels

End to end, technology driven, parts supply chain solutions that optimizes inventory and improves service levels

Why Choose Us ?

Our Team
A professional team, Offer high quality truck, construction machinery and parts, just let us know what you need, we'll make it come true!
Parts Service
Free Parts Inventory Checking Free Tele-Training
Parts Repair
Free Tele-Diagnosis
Ready to advance your business and earn customer loyalty?

Technical Support, Repair Consulting

As a One-stop Shop, we can supply truck and truck parts, and Technical Support, as Maintenance Video, Maintenance Manual, Spare Parts Catalogue and Parts Diagrams and so on.

Develop new products and services

New products and services are the lifeblood of all businesses. Investing in their development isn’t an optional extra – it is crucial to business growth and profitability.

But embarking on the development process is risky. It needs considerable planning and organisation.

This guide will outline the key stages in the lifecycle of products and services so you know when the time is right for your business to start the development process.

It will explain how a planned and phased development process will help you make the wisest investment and budgeting decisions. It will also advise you on how best to create a development team and manage a project.

  • The lifecycle of products and services
  • Developing your ideas
  • Match products and services to market needs
  • Pricing your proposed service or product
  • The project development process
  • Creating a project team
  • Investment and cost control
  • Manage a development project

We Provide Solution on Your

Do your waiting customers and technicians receive the parts they need, when and where they need them? When it comes to products with long life cycles, the customer experience typically extends well beyond the initial purchase. Warranty service and repair events are likely. And no one wants to wait these days. Whether you are looking for an end-to-end service parts management solution or a specific solution,

What We Do ?

we provide:
Inventory Forecasting
Vendor Management
Order Management
Parts Fulfillment
Improved Service

Optimized Inventory levels

Reduced obsolescence

Reduced overhead cost

End to end, technology driven, parts supply chain solutions that optimizes inventory and improves service levels


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